Britt-Marie Alm Design Studio

Love Fest Fibers is also home to Britt-Marie Alm Design Studio, where I specialize in fiber art installations for private and commercial clients.

My signature work centers on the “slingshot weaving technique”, a practice I learned from Tibetan nomads. Tibetans weave small slingshots to protect and herd their animals using small sticks as a loom and hand-spun yak fiber. I’ve adapted this weaving tradition, enlarging it to huge proportion and incorporating the wooden weaving structure (the set of small sticks that are normally removed after weaving) as part of the final art piece.

This weaving practice creates highly intricate, clean-lined designs. Weavings can be installed as stand-alone vertical pieces such as wall tapestries and room dividers or incorporated into furniture such as headboards.

My installation work also includes an array of other fiber art styles using knit, crochet and suspension techniques. I work closely with clients to design pieces that reflect both their ethos and aesthetic.

Commercial clients include:

~ Splendid, the national clothing store, commissioned 633 woolen art pieces as display items for their stores, including 300 knit wall tapestries hand-stitched from 100% unspun wool.

~ The Perennial, a San Francisco fine dining restaurant focused on sustainability and addressing climate change through its sourcing, commissioned a ceiling installation made from upcycled wood and fashion industry remnants.

~ Kantine, a San Francisco-based Scandinavian restaurant focused on sourcing local, sustainable, organic ingredients, is home to an 8’ x 4’ woven piece made from hand-felted New Zealand wool and solid wood dowels.

I create the majority of my work in partnership with clients and create to specification, though I often have finished pieces for sale. Please reach out below to find out more about commissions or to inquire about finished pieces that I currently have available.

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