Alabaster Yuba Nesting Baskets

Love Fest Fibers Hand Felted Wool

Alabaster Yuba Nesting Baskets

  • 100% pure New Zealand wool hand-felted into form. Our partner workshop of women artisans in Nepal felts each basket using just wool, water, soap and a whole lot of muscle power. Each basket is crafted from the same fiber as our Tough Love felted yarn collection, by the same skilled hands.

    Great as a planter or for storing blankets, towels, toys, magazines or your yarn supply—just about anything you need stashed. Available as a set or individually.

    Baskets are mailed flat to lessen our use of packaging materials and fuel; any creases from shipping are easily ironed out (full instructions in the 'details' section above).

  • • Made by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal

    • 100% solid, felted New Zealand sheep's wool

    • Approximate sizing: Large (15" height x 15" diameter); Medium (11.5" height x 10" diameter); Small (7" height x 8" diameter)

    • Available in 4 colorways

    • Spot clean or hand wash; may also be dry cleaned. We have machine washed with a mild wool soap on a gentle cycle and it has turned out well but proceed with caution as every washing machine is different.

    • Ironing instructions:

    Set iron to high steam (the more moisture the better as it keeps the wool from burning and is most effective at smoothing creases). Move the iron somewhat quickly across the sides on both the inside and outside of the basket, making sure not to pause for more than a few seconds. We like to iron on an ironing board or other heat-proof hard surface to be most effective. Once you've finished with the sides, you can iron the bottom of the basket (on both the inside and outside if you have a medium or large size basket) to help give it a sturdy base shape. And that's it! The key is to just keep that iron moving so it doesn't risk burning the wool.