Shangdrok Hand-Dyed Mohair Silk

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Shangdrok Hand-Dyed Mohair Silk

Chrysanthemum and the Sword (mohair silk)
Truman Show (mohair silk)
Rose in the Mist (mohair silk)
Sakura (mohair silk)
White (mohair silk)
  • Small batch, hand-dyed superkid mohair silk

    As debuted at the Bay Area Yarn Crawl! All colorways are currently sold as a preorder & will be sent out by the 2nd week in April

    We're thrilled to welcome the latest project from Shangdrok, the makers of our Tibetan hand-spun yak down collection. These beloved partners of ours are at it again—they're channelling their fiber prowess into this skillfully hand-dyed line. And each of these unique colorways are featured on the lightest, softest, loftiest, superkid mohair silk.

    This collection is extra special in that it's hand-dyed by Shangdrok's founder, April Tang, herself. April is a social entrepreneur who not only founded an incredibly impactful enterprise to support and preserve the artforms of nomad women on the Tibetan Plateau but has also created a hand-dyeing studio (and indie dye movement!) in Taiwan. Your love for this yarn makes all of the above possible (so huge thanks to you).

    Patterns coming soon!


  • • Fiber: Ethically & sustainably-sourced superkid mohair (66%), Silk (30%), superwash merino (4%)hand-dyed with OEKO-TEX certified pigments sourced from Germany

    • Yardage: 464 yards (425 meters)

    • Weight: 50 grams Lace

    • Needle: 3.5 - 4mm




  • Care: Wash with care on gentle cycle & air dry flat or immerse in a tub with warm water & wool wash and let the project sit for 10 minutes. Take it out of the tub, roll with a towel to remove excess moisture, then let air dry.