Tough Love Tiny

Love Fest Fibers Hand Felted Wool

Tough Love Tiny

Blue Jean
Rose Gold
  • Handfelted in Nepal from pure New Zealand wool

    The skinnier, tinier version our classic Tough Love yarn collection. At roughly the diameter of a pencil, Tough Love Tiny yarn is thin, pliable and makes a whole new array of projects possible. This collection is made from strong and resilient felt; ideal for macrame, weaving, and knit or crocheted projects like table mats or rugs. And just like our classic Tough Love collection, each ball of Tough Love Tiny is skillfully hand-felted by our team in Kathmandu. 

    We've been partnering with our workshop of women artisans to create our Tough Love series since early 2014. Today it helps provide vital job opportunities as they face ongoing development challenges.

  • • Handmade in Nepal

    • Fiber: 100% New Zealand wool

    • Yardage: Approximately 25 yards

    • Weight: Approximately 7-9 oz.

    • Suggested knitting needles / crochet hook: 15-19mm

    • No tools necessary for many projects, just your hands

    • Note: Thickness varies between with each ball and no two are exactly alike as each is felted by hand. We do our best to send balls of similar thickness when ordering more than one in a single order. We suggest getting enough to complete a project to avoid thickness mismatch in a reorder.

    • Suggested yardage: Visit our Pattern Library for free project ideas and exact yardage guidelines.

  • Hand wash cold and air dry (the beauty of Tough Love Tiny is that it is already felt so won’t felt when washed). May be dry cleaned. Avoid direct sunlight to keep colors happy! 
  • Shedding when first working with a new ball of Tough Love Tiny is normal and will decrease with time.